Modernity’s Monsters

Workshop by Prof. Dr. Steve Hinchliffe
MA program Transcultural Studies, BA program Kulturwissenschaft
5th of Mai, 16-17.30, SFG 2080

In this workshop we will work through Latour’s famous diagram on purification and translation, using case studies to explore the work of translation and its implications for environmental politics and action. We will start on the Los Angeles River (with a short extract from a film) and follow this by applying lessons to the study of other pressing environmental issues including those related to environmental and bio-security. In between we will look at Pickering’s discussion of the art of both Piet Mondrian and Willlem de Kooning and the idea of ’new ontologies‘ for an environmental future. Students will be encouraged to think about how they might apply these resources to their own projects or issues, and/ or think about the limitations that these styles of thought involve.