08.05.2017: Uli Beisel

8 Mai 2017, 12:15-13:45, SFG 2210

„One Health(y) Future? Entanglement of Health and Agriculture; Past, Present and Future in Insect Control in Ghana“ – Talk by Uli Beisel (University of Bayreuth)

The Anopheles gambiae mosquito embodies malaria’s past, present and future. Malaria’s past is inscribed in today’s and tomorrow’s mosquito genome. However, encoded are not only past malaria control interventions, but also agricultural pest control choices. This talk analyses these entanglements of health and agriculture and discusses those with reference to the health futures the One Health movement imagines and makes (im)possible.


Uli Beisel is Juniorprofessor for Culture and Technology in Africa at the University of Bayreuth. Her work is inspired by feminist and postcolonial science and technology studies, and by medical, environmental and multispecies anthropology and geography:

“I have worked on mosquito-parasite-human entanglements in malaria control in Ghana and Sierra Leone, and continue to be fascinated by boundary practices between human and nonhuman organisms, as well as their possibilities of coexistence. My research is guided by the question how we might live well with organisms and substances that are harmful to human health. In this context I am interested in mutating mosquitoes and resistant parasites; zoonotic diseases; insecticides and pesticides; global health technologies, infrastructures and their crises; practices and politics of diagnosing and testing; evidence, speculation and ignorance; and the shifting landscapes of energy and waste in sub-Saharan Africa.”