Audio & Video

Here you find videos and audio podcasts from the NaturenKulturen Lecture Series in Wintersemester 2014/15 and Summersemester 2015 and public talks and workshops since Winter Semester 2015/16. For further information on the speakers or on the events (including multimedia documentation if existing) follow the links.


DatumRedner*inTitel des Vortrags
2017-05-15Frieda GesingWorking with Nature in Aotearoa New Zealand: An ethnography of coastal protection
2016-11-29Aníbal García ArreguiThe Scientist, the Shaman and the Shaman’s Shaman: Climate Change as Ontographical Challenge
2016-11-1Stefan Heimreich (MIT)Life at Sea. Alien Ocean.
2016-10-31Stefan Helmreich & Heather Paxson (MIT)Infrastructures of NatureCulture in the Realm of the Intangible and Invisible
2016-01-25Tahani Nadim (Naturkundemuseum Berlin)There might be a wasp in my biodiversity soup: dodgy organisms after numbers
2015-07-14Kim Fortun (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)Experiments in Environmental Public Health: Scientific, Political, Ethnographic, Digital
2015-07-07Jamie Lorimer (University of Oxford)Wild experiments: Rethinking environmentalism for the Anthropocene
2015-06-30Michael Flitner (Universität Bremen)Der Kiwi und das Possum: Räume schaffen für Leben und Tod
2015-06-09Tanja Bogusz (HU Berlin)Zwischen Natur und Kultur. Ethnographische Übersetzungsversuche einer meeresbiologischen Expedition in Papua Neuguinea
2015-06-02Melanie Stilz (TU Berlin)Whose technology for whose development?
2015-05-26Werner Krauß (Universität Hamburg)Vom Natur- zum Klimaschutz: Dingpolitik an der Nordseeküste
2015-05-12Owain Jones (Bath Spa University)Is My Flesh Not Public? Thinking of bodies and ‘the public’ through water
2015-05-05Steve Hinchliffe (Exeter University)Pathogenicities and the spatialities of disease situations
2015-04-28Sarah Whatmore (Oxford University)Living with flooding: science, democracy and the redistribution of environmental expertise
2015-04-21Nick Bingham (Open University)Beekeeping in the age of the Anthropocene: Lessons for inheriting a crisis of inhabitation
2015-01-27Emily Yates-Doerr (University of Amsterdam)Does meat come from animals? Classification and the practice of belonging
2015-01-20Jörg Niewöhner (HU Berlin)Ko-laborative Anthropologie in der Global Change Forschung: Praxismuster verstehen
2014-12-16Matthew Gandy (University College London)Mosquitoes, modernity, and post-colonial Lagos
2014-12-09Martina Schlünder (Ludwik Fleck Center, Collegium Helveticum Zürich)Wissens-Hunger im Stall. (Knochen-) Schafe als Versuchstiere in der Unfallchirurgie
2014-11-04Bettina van Hoven (University of Groningen)Animal assisted activities in nursing homes: a dog-centred approach
2014-10-28Michi Knecht (Universität Bremen)Naturenkulturen – ein neues Forschungsparadigma der Ethnologie?