Postcolonial Science & Technology Studies

Reading group
Summer term 2015

This reading group focuses on recent work at the intersections of Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Anthropology of Science, Medicine, and Technology, and Postcolonial Studies. A growing body of work critically examines the role of technology in societies of the Global South, including medical practices (Langwick 2001; Petryna 2002; Fortun 2001), the role of experts and expert knowledge in development projects (Rottenburg 2009; Mitchell 2002) or in relation to nature and natural resources (Verran, 2002; Hayden 2005; Watts 1998). This work goes beyond the narrow focus of much of the early work in STS, and includes different actors, knowledge claims and circulating objects (de Laet and Mol 2000).

If you are interested to join the reading group meeting, please get in touch with Friederike Gesing (