Workshop “Global Ethnography. Marketization in Everyday Life: Concepts, Methods, Ideas”

15th & 16th of June 2018 with Koray Çalışkan, Elizabeth Saleh und Nikolas Schall

The Workshop focuses on the ethnographic study of global economies and markets, their coming into being and their consequences. Koray Çalışkan’s work on global cotton will be compared to case studies of very different „global commodities“: among them Matsutake gourmet mushrooms (Anna Tsing), scrap metal (Elizabeth Saleh), more cotton (Nikolas Schall), Bitcoins (Koray Çalışkan) and human sperm and egg cells (Michi Knecht). We will discuss the academic and political relevance of new empirical research that shows the dynamic processes of price realization, the contributions of scientific propositions in the making of markets, the daily interventions and negotiations as well as the importance of seeing markets as a continuous relationship of power. We will also work on methodological, epistemological and conceptual questions of “global ethnographies” and the development of „global ethnography research designs“ that blend rigorous ethnography with rich theoretical analysis.


With: Koray Çalışkan, (Boğaziçi University, Political Sciences and International Relations), Elizabeth Saleh (American University of Beirut) & Nikolas Schall (IRTG Diversity, University of Trier)

Venue: Academy for Continuing Education, Bremen University, Central Area, Bibliothekstrasse 2a, Room No B0770

Concept & ContactMichi Knecht (University of Bremen), Souad Zeineddine  (a.r.t.e.s Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, University of Cologneand Lilli Hasche (University of Bremen)

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